How Can We Help?

Whether you're just beginning the process, or have been through years of testing and tutoring, READMontana  meets you where you are. We understand that language-based learning difficulties look different for everyone. We are committed to understanding your current situation and working with you to navigate the path forward.

Initial Consultation

If you or your child are experiencing difficulties with reading, spelling, writing, or comprehension call or contact us to begin the conversation. If we think we can help, we'll invite you to schedule a free initial consultation to learn more about your individual situation and discuss screening and/or instructional options. 


READMontana specializes in individualized, one-on-one instruction in reading, spelling, and writing. Our trained instructors utilize a range of approaches depending on each student's unique learning profile. All of our methods are backed by peer-reviewed, evidence-based research and recommended by the International Dyslexia Association, the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, and others. 

Preliminary Dyslexia Screening

A preliminary dyslexia screening identifies individuals who are at risk of dyslexia with a brief evaluation of basic language, reading, and spelling skills. READMontana offers these one-hour appointments several times a year at an affordable rate.  Preliminary screenings are suitable for parents who want to assess their child's risk of dyslexia before committing to a full evaluation or for those who don't require a comprehensive dyslexia screening. Learn More.

Comprehensive Dyslexia Screening

A comprehensive dyslexia screening assesses if a student fits the profile of dyslexia and offers tailored suggestions for instruction and accommodations. Spread over two, two-hour sessions, it examines a wide-range of language-related skills, focusing on specific sub-skills crucial for fluent reading and comprehension. Additionally, the screening assesses related issues often associated with dyslexia, including anxiety, attention, and executive function. Learn More. 

Parent Coaching

If you have undergone screening through a school or another provider and find yourself uncertain about the next steps, READMontana can help.  We offer expertise in interpreting test results, understanding the various educational options that relate to language disabilities (such as IEPs and 504 plans), and navigating academic difficulties in high school and beyond.  Learn More.

Professional Development

READMontana provides a variety of services tailored for schools and organizations working with dyslexic students. Our offerings range from a two-hour staff training session on dyslexia to support in creating and executing school-wide reading intervention programs.