About READMontana

As of April 1, 2023, Gallatin Valley Learning Solutions and READMontana are combining forces!
The blending of these organizations allows us to provide a more integrated and innovative approach to our shared goals of: 

  • providing quality screening and instructional services to children and adults with suspected dyslexia;
  • minimizing barriers to quality instruction among lower-income families and individuals; 
  • increasing awareness and understanding of dyslexia in our community; and 
  • reducing community impacts from the effects of dyslexia on mental health, substance abuse, poverty, and incarceration. 

READMontana strives to inspire and transform students with learning differences into confident, independent, and successful readers. We offer an evaluation process that identifies individual challenges and maps out a program of intervention. We specialize in evidence-based instruction to close the academic gap and lay the groundwork for future success. And we provide guidance and support for navigating academic challenges. 

As a 501c3, we strive to make services available to all students and to collaborate with members of the community for the welfare and value of diverse learners.

Our Philosophy

Evidence-based Methods

The best research indicates that effective instruction for students with dyslexia is systematic and multi-sensory, as well as explicit, direct, cumulative, intensive, and focused on the structure of language. That's a mouthful, we know, which is why these methods are not consistently implemented in most elementary classrooms. READMontana has carefully chosen curriculums and other resources that support these principles and techniques to ensure our students' success. 

One-on-One Instruction

Step-by-step mastery is essential to the success of the methods mentioned above, and can only be ensured by going at a student's individual pace. Careful and continuous assessment, as well as flexibility according to each student's needs and learning style, ensure lasting competence. For students who live out of the area or have other circumstances that make in-person instruction difficult, we offer instructional services through our online platform. 

Strengths-based Approach

At READMontana, no one is defined by his or her dyslexia. We pride ourselves on a positive, strengths-based approach, creating an environment in which students are encouraged to identify and build upon their individual gifts.

Community and Connection

We are dedicated to our family of students, caregivers, and instructors and continually seek ways to support each other. As we grow as an organization, we look forward to finding more ways to help students and families connect with each other and reinforce what we at READMontana truly believe: we are all in this together. Dyslexia affects more than individuals, more than families; it affects our whole community. Read more.