Frequently Asked Questions

What does an evaluation involve?

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We offer a few different types of evaluations, ranging from a preliminary dyslexia screening to a full academic assessment. Comprehensive evaluations begin with the completion of a client questionnaire and a free initial consultation. We work to understand your student's unique challenges and concerns and create a detailed developmental and educational history. Testing time ranges from  2 - 5 hours. Testing for younger children may be spread across several days. We use a variety of assessments to identify and measure various aspects of a student’s learning abilities and the sub-skills involved in reading.

How much does an evaluation cost? Will insurance pay for it?

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Evaluation costs range from $250 to $1,100. Consultations (excluding the initial consultation) are $115/hour. Unfortunately, because READMontana is not a medical provider, our services are not covered by most insurance plans. Some Health Savings Accounts can be utilized to cover the cost so be sure to check the specific guidelines of your plan. We are happy to work out a payment plan with you if needed. 

How much does instruction cost?

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Current tuition rates are $495 per month. Contact us for more details and/or scholarship information. 

What age groups do you work with?

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We enjoy working with clients of all ages! Because reading difficulties are most commonly identified in elementary school, the majority of our clients are ages 5-15. 

For students in their late teens, as well as adults, we also offer advisory services that focus on understanding their dyslexia- related strengths and weaknesses, and the resources and tools available to aid them in academics and the workplace.

My dyslexic student is also struggling with math. Can you help?

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Not yet. As we grow and develop more programs, math remediation will be added to our menu of services. Keep checking back for updates!