“This was the best writing instruction class I’ve had because the instruction was clear, organized and straightforward. The different methods helped me remember what was taught and we had fun too.” ~ Ella, 7th grade

Rethinking Writing: Level 1
Summer 2024: July 16 - August 8

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Writing is a frustrating mystery for many students. Unfortunately, it's not made any easier when they are asked to write complex content that is concise, clear, engaging and organized without being given the tools do this successfully. READMontana has built its reputation using well-researched, proven methods to teach reading, providing explicit instruction and carefully sequenced activities that result in mastery. Our writing course uses similar techniques to equip students with easy-to-learn strategies that help them achieve that mysterious goal of "writing well."

Rethinking Writing: Level 1 presents a developmentally appropriate and carefully structured sequence of instruction in which new skills build on previous ones. Starting at the sentence level, we progress to planning, organizing, and executing expanded paragraphs - while also exploring stylistic techniques that make writing more engaging. This is done within a variety of academic content so that students can practice their skills in a “real world” context. Students will finish the course with a binder of materials and resources to support their writing in school.

Benefits of Writing Instruction

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As important as it is for students to learn to write well, there are other, equally important reasons to explicitly teach writing. 

Help identify and remediate comprehension gaps. When students are required to write about what they are learning, their level of comprehension (or lack thereof) becomes remarkably clear. Additionally, when students learn to use more sophisticated syntax in their own writing, they become better able to understand it when they encounter it in their reading.

Enhance speaking ability. As students begin to use more complex terms and sentence construction in their written language, they begin to incorporate those features in their spoken language as well.

Improve organizational and study skills. Explicit writing instruction teaches students to paraphrase, take notes, summarize, and make outlines. These techniques help them absorb and retain crucial information.

Develop analytical capabilities. The process of writing requires students to organize their ideas and sequence information. They have to sift through a mas of material, deciding what’s important, which facts and ideas are connected to one another, and how to organize their thoughts into a logical progression. When done in a systematic and sequenced way, teaching students to write is equivalent to teaching them how to think. 

Class Details

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6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th graders (in Fall 2024)

July 16 - August 8, 2024
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
READMontana (292 W. Haley Springs Drive)

$375* per students, all materials included
(Students currently enrolled with READMontana for reading instruction receive a 20% discount. Email us for a code.)
Financial assistance is available. Fill out an application HERE before registering .