Small Group Classes

*Next classes begin Summer 2024*

Handwriting Without Tears

READMontana’s handwriting course uses the Handwriting Without Tears™ curriculum to teach correct pencil grip, letter formation, size, spacing, and more. For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders, this class will be fast paced and fun, as we incorporate games, songs, and art to reinforce the concepts being covered in each session. Taught by READMontana HWT-certified instructors, this class gives early elementary students a springboard for improving their writing skills and enhancing their reading skills.

Rethinking Writing: Level 1

This course provides a carefully structured sequence of instruction in which new skills build on previous ones. Starting at the sentence level, we progress to planning, organizing, and executing expanded paragraphs - while also exploring stylistic techniques that make writing more engaging. This is done within a variety of academic content so that students can practice their skills in a “real world” context. Students will finish the course with a binder of materials and resources to support their writing in school.